Degenerative Myelopathy and Sanus Biotex

My dog is suffering from degenerative myelopathy – why should I  try Sanus Biotex?

The short answer is that Sanus Biotex works! Not in some unspecified time, but you should start seeing results within the first 30 days. Sanus Biotex helps to reduce the inflammation and flare-ups which are normally associated with degenerative myelopathy.

How does Sanus Biotex Compare to Prescription Medications?

Sanus Biotex, first and foremost is in no way related to any traditional DM medications. Sanus Biotex is a supplement and not a prescription, developed to help in slowing down the progression of Degenerative Myelopathy.

The more common “traditional” treatments for DM from new research as well as our own personal experiences simply are not very successful in slowing down the disease. There have been hundreds of dog owners who in the early stages of DM chose the more traditional methods only to see their dogs health continue to decline and eventually turning to Sanus Biotex where they reported dramatic improvements.

Many of our clients have been with us for 2+ years and there dogs continue to remain healthy with little, if any, signs of DM. This is something that is very unusual to those who continue treatment with the more traditional methods.

However, from our experience we do believe and recommend (1) prescription medication that was originally suggested by Dr. Clemmons years ago called aminocaproic acid. Many of our clients have reported that the generic version of this works much better than the more common standard form and over the years we have seen much success in dogs when both of these treatments are used together and consistently overtime.

Contact:  You may purchase the generic form of Aminocaproic Acid from American Regent (located just outside NY) by dialing: 1-(800) 645-1706.

What is the formula for Sanus Biotex?

Sanus Biotex is a all-in-one formula that encompasses not one, but FOUR different probiotic strains plus vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, both fatty and amino acids, and a specialized proprietary blend of unique herbs and extracts which are proven to soothe irritation as well as, the inflammation from flare-ups caused by degenerative myelopathy.

This special blend has been known and used for thousands of years by the Aborigines (original inhabitants of the Outback in Australia). So, except for the standard analysis, which states the amount of vitamins/ingredients found in Sanus Biotex®, the exact amounts of each ingredient is a proprietary formula.

When and how much Sanus Biotex should I give to my dog?

With your order of Sanus Biotex you’ll receive directions on how much (quantity) to give your dog daily based on their breed, age, weight, etc.

Sanus Biotex can easily be mixed within your dogs food either once or twice per day. The dosage usually works out to be between 3/4 to 1 tsp daily.


Why hasn’t my vet recommended Sanus Biotex for my dog?

Veterinary medicine stresses medical treatment and medical prevention. That’s why you get your pet vaccinated. Veterinarians, like human doctors, have traditionally been trained to treat health issues through pharmaceuticals and surgery and prevention has focused on vaccinations.

Unlike human doctors, however, vets must know how to treat many species. Vets have so many issues to address, it’s hard for them to keep up with the rapidly advancing science of nutrition and natural supplements.

Another reason is that your vet may not even be aware of Sanus Biotex. Sanus Biotex which was developed under SanusLabs is fairly new when compared to most other medications.

Having said that, you can find Sanus Biotex in 77 clinics throughout the country. Veterinarians that know about Sanus Biotex, and their numbers grow daily, are excited about it and are not only recommending it, but are also giving it to their own pets that suffer from degenerative myelopathy.


What isn’t in Sanus Biotex?

  • No fillers, antibiotics, urea, bone meal, sugars, lactose, corn, wheat, or any ingredient that does not have a positive affect.
  • Any Fillers or synthetic ingredients which are used in a majority of canine supplements in-order to keep costs down.
  • No need or reason to buy multiple commercialized ingredients (as recommended on other websites).

What is your guarantee that Sanus Biotex will work?

We are so sure of the effectiveness of Sanus Biotex that we guarantee you will see the best results. Most clients begin to see the initial results within 60 days.

As our guarantee states, if you are unhappy with the results of Sanus Biotex, just send back the empty bottles and we will issue you a full 100% refund!

Now having said this, we are aware Sanus Biotex, will not work on every dog and although most people will report back to us with a positive experience, won’t see much change in their dog. It is our view though, as long as the progression does not get worse, Sanus Biotex is doing it’s job.

Either way, if your not 100% satisfied with the results all you have to do is let us know.

Does Sanus Biotex work with every dog suffering from degenerative myelopathy?

The simple answer to this question is No! It’s important to know that almost all users of Sanus Biotex report back to us with very positive results. However, there are situations where Sanus Biotex does not appear to help.

At this point, our research has not been able to isolate why some dogs show incredible results while others show little to no results. This is exactly why, we offer our 100% guarantee.


What if my dog will not eat Sanus Biotex?

Most, don’t have a problem with taste of Sanus Biotex®. But for those very picky dogs try adding some plain low fat yogurt or cottage cheese in their food with the Sanus Biotex® added in. Peanut butter and cheese also works well, as does adding chicken/beef broth to their food as well. Over time, slowly decrease the amount of whatever you have chosen to use.

I would like to advertise and sell Sanus Biotex to others, is this possible?

Yes, it is possible! If you love dogs and want to help – become one of our affiliates. You’ll enjoy having a sense of pride while earning the highest commissions in the industry. Become part of our extended family while we supply everything you need for your continued success.

Just send us an email with your contact information and one of our affiliate specialists will contact you as soon as possible.

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