The driving force behind Sanus Biotex was our family dog, a seven year old German Shepherd named “Titus” diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy towards the end of 2005.

Like you, my family tried to find any anything on the market that would help. Eventually, after spending a ton of money for 10 minute vet appointments, I reluctantly concluded that no matter how hard I tried, the reality was…

Titus was not going to get better and not only did I feel helpless, I felt used…

In the end, I felt our family was being taken advantage of. Not finding any help or knowing what to do made the situation even worse. Over the next few months my family watched as “Titus” finally fell victim to the disease.

That helpless feeling, that I talked about, is what sparked that fire underneath me. I was determined to do whatever it took to find answers to those questions and since then, our lives have been dedicated to researching, establishing partnerships and finding real help for dogs suffering from DM. I was determined, so no other family would have to sit back, spend thousands of dollars for nothing and still, in the end, watch their dog fall victim to this horrible disease.

I’m proud to say that now, 12 years later, Sanus Biotex has become the absolute cornerstone of our product line. Our customers will tell you themselves the changes they’ve seen in their dogs and on top of this, they don’t have to spend thousands of dollars while being passed from one clinic to the next.

So, if your starting to feel the way I did or maybe you’ve felt like this for sometime, believe me – There is HOPE!

I personally, along with every person in our family are deeply touched each and every time someone goes out of their way to tell us how much they appreciate what Sanus Biotex has done for their dog.

This is why we are so proud to introduce Sanus Biotex to you, by far the most successful Degenerative Myelopathy supplement program to date!

Every bottle of Sanus Biotex is formulated and blended by us right here in the USA, ensuring a perfect formula for Your Dog and ONLY Your Dog! So, if your dog is suffering from DM then please… Give Sanus Biotex a try!

We live by these principles so that you can try Sanus Biotex with full confidence! We are always close by to help in anyway we can and are absolutely positive that you and your dog will join thousands of others from around the world who rely on Sanus Biotex for its amazing ability in slowing down the progression of DM.

Your dogs good health is what our entire Holistic Doggie Family strives for each and every day!

Once again, we thank you for taking the time to learn about Sanus Biotex and what it can do for your dog. We hope that if your four legged best friend and family member was diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy that you will turn to the strength and relief Sanus Biotex can offer so that you, your family and your dog will never feel that helpless feeling we experienced – just a few years ago.

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Follow along to learn more about Sanus Biotex or Degenerative Myelopathy. For answers to common questions read our FAQ’s, otherwise contact us here.